Activated Charcoal Granular

Activated carbon is a material containing mainly amorphous carbon of plant origin and having a highly porous structure to increase the treatment area.
Due to the high exchange area, activated carbon is able to retain many molecules of other substances within it, presenting high adsorptive capacity .
It improves water transparency, reduces unpleasant odors and removes chlorine and great ability to absorb liquids or gases. The primary uses for activated carbon are:
Water purification. The most frequent use is water filtration in addition to extraction of contaminants from water, urban water treatment, construction of domestic water filters, water treatment at industrial processing sites or groundwater remediation, and more.
Air purification. Similarly, activated carbon can be used in air treatment. For this purpose it is used in face masks, home purification systems, reduction of odors and harmful pollutants from flue gases at industrial processing sites.
Food, beverage and medicinal products. Charcoal is widely used throughout the food and beverage industry to achieve a number of objectives. This includes decaffeination, removal of undesirable components such as odor, taste or color, and more. Finally, activated charcoal can be used to treat a variety of ailments and poisonings.