Media Kroton, thanks to the experience acquired in 20 years on processes and production in the photovoltaic sector, in particular in cooking ovens in the production of photovoltaic cells and high temperature products, has been offering and selling ceramic materials based on Silicon Nitride for years, the most resistant and long-lasting ceramic material. Their exceptional properties can compete with other technical and refractory ceramics such as zirconia (ZrO₂), alumina (Al₂O₃) and silicon carbide (SiC). The sectors where SiN ceramics are most sought after and present are in the casting of precious metals (discs and casting), sheaths for thermocouples, tubes for low pressure casting, extrusion rings, nozzles and in those applications where mechanical and temperature resistance is necessary.

Media Kroton can offer a range of protective sleeves for use in the aluminum and molten metal handling sectors. They offer exceptional performance for temperature control in foundries without fearing the rivalry of cast iron, silicon carbide and alumina. Perforated discs for the melting/production of spheres of precious metals such as gold and silver. Tubes for low pressure furnaces, for the production of aluminum wheels. Hot Rod protection tubes to extend the life of SiC resistors by protecting them from metal splashes or thermal shock. There are many other applications to use Silicon Nitride and many others will be discovered soon. Media Kroton designs and supplies products based on drawings or according to customer needs.