GranAlka & alka pro

Alkaline Granular

Alkaline granular is made of natural mineral material. It is used to quickly change the pH of water from acidic to basic. Granular with high efficiency, long life and very reliable. The average duration of the product is 3-4 months, but there is a PRO version with a duration of 12 months. Thanks to greater quantity of Mg present, the spheres do not crumble, are much harder and do not compact on the bottom of the filter like the competitors CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate). Unlike all other similar products, topping up can be done without removing the existing material.

alka PRO

The PRO version of Granalka, in addition to having the same main characteristics as the standard Granalka, has a duration of up to 12 months thanks to its formulation and compactness. But the characteristics of the PRO version do not stop at durability, but at greater resistance to low and high temperatures, to be able to use it in any environmental situation, even the most unfavorable. With slow release technology from the micropores it is possible to increase the PH value, make the water stably alkaline and neutralize the acidic water. It is important to highlight, and keep in mind, that reducing COD (chemical oxygen demand) in water through adsorption helps meet industrial wastewater discharge requirements.