• PolyNud is a mixture of high purity “Food” grade sodium polyphosphate for use in the food industry and can be used in the treatment of drinking water to prevent and protect pipes from limescale and corrosion, especially in the case of highly hard. The product can be used in all proportional filters on the market.
  • PolyNud Universal Refill is a mixture of polyphosphates, ready to use for proportional filters and unlike normal cartridges it has no plastic part. This peculiarity, in addition to reducing the use of plastic, guarantees a more durable and more compact product. Like the other products, it is supplied in packs (blister packs) of 6 pieces or in boxes of 100 pieces and has anti-limescale characterist descaler for pipes and water pipes. The cartridge due to the proportional passage of the proportional passage of water through the filter releases a quantity sufficient to prevent Ca and Mg from depositing and forming encrustations. PolyNud, like other products for use in drinking water, are also from “Food Grade”.

  • The product is easy to use, simply replace the spent cartridge in the proportional filter bell. The refill is Universal type and can therefore be used with all filters on the market. The cartridge can easily replace plastic refills.
  • The product complies with CE regulations for food use and helps keep heat exchangers, pipes, taps and any structure crossed by water and where there is the possibility of encrustations clean and efficient.