Mediakroton for water treatment offers a wide range of polyphosphate-based products, all made in Italy, and all of the certified “FOOD GRADE” type which allow you to protect the water pipes and ducts by preventing corrosion and the formation of limestone. It extends the life and improves the efficiency of boilers, boilers, household appliances, taps and water systems, mold cooling systems and closed systems, preventing the formation of limescale deposits and consequent corrosive effects.
Media Kroton provides

  • PolyOne refill cartridges for proportional filters in blisters of 6 pieces or in boxes of 100 pieces
  • PolyNud Refill cartridges without plastic parts in blister packs of 6 pieces or in boxes of 100 pieces.
  • PolyPow Polyphosphate powder in 25 kg bags
  • PolyPow Polvere di polifosfato in flaconi da 1 kg
  • Poly Cri F Fine polyphosphate crystal
  • PolyCri L Coarse polyphosphate crystal (>20mm)